Getting your Karate belts through grading


Each belt is subject to grading. You have to be able to demonstrate competency at the level you’re grading for, otherwise, no belt!

Note that you don't have to buy your belt when it's awarded from grading.

Belt progression

After 4 months training - Red¹
A further 4 months - Blue¹
Another 4 - Orange¹
Another 4 - Green¹
Another 4 - Yellow¹
And then 8 months - Purple²
Another 8 - Brown²
After minimum 1 year - Black - 1st dan
After minimum 2 years - 2nd dan
After minimum 3 years - 3rd dan

¹ requires a minimum of 26 classes in the 4 month period
² requires a minimum of 52 classes in the 8 month period

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