How to tie a martial arts belt

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Tying you karate belt made simple!

Fold the belt in half

Fold the belt in half to find the middle point of it

Wrap the belt around

Place the middle point of the belt in front of the belly; wrap around the back; and pass the two ends back to the front...

Cross the two ends over

...crossing the two ends over

Start work on the knot

Pass the side that's on top underneath both layers of the belt; from the bottom upwards (NB. picture shows the belt being pulled through from the top, not passed down from the top)

Even up the two lengths

Even up the two lengths so they are about the same length, with the one that was fed up and behind, on top of the other

Cross the two ends

Cross the two ends

Complete the knot

Pass the length that's underneath up and over the other and pass it down through the hole you created between the two

And pull it tight

Pull the two ends tight to create the perfect, tied belt!



How to tie a martial arts belt Download your own belt tying instructions

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