Latest news and information

Update End March 2020

Hi everyone

Well it took myself and Adele 20 years to build Cobras and a month for a virus to close us, but we will be back stronger than ever.

If you have whatsapp you can go on and find information and training tips.

Cobras will remain closed FOR NOW. STAY HOME STAY SAFE.

See you in class.


Update March 2020

Hi everyone

I am really sorry but due to the latest government annoucment, Cobras have to shut our doors until further notice. Classes will resume ASAP.

BUT I can offer private lessons which your membership will cover. I'm afraid they will only be half hour sessions done at the centre once a week 2 students at a time, more if siblings. On this you will have to CALL me to book your slot, days available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, times 9.00am till 17.00pm.

If you do not wish to take this offer Cobras cannot enforce membership fees but payment will guarantee your place when we reopen and it would very much appreciated.

See you in class.


March 2020

Hi everyone

Operation went well, just taking this week to recuperate. We are back next week and then grading the following week. Grading will be done in class.

I don't know how many of you are aware that we have a fight/combat class, this is held on Thursday 5.30 until 6.10. This class is a fantastic way to build confidence and sparring skills. It's all included in your membership. Also on Monday 6.45  until 7.30 and Thursday 6.15 until 7.00 we are doing a fitness class, this is open to anyone 14yrs and above. the cost of this class is £2.50 for one night, do both for £3.50. Please inform family and friends about Huddersfield cobras, we are always recruiting.

Please don't forget to amend your standing orders to the new price for April.


See you in class.


February 2020 - update

Hi every one

This is an amendment to grading dates.

I am really sorry guys. I have to postpone grading untill W/C 16th March. My operation that was cancelled has now been brought forward, to the 25th February. So Cobras will take one week annual leave W/C 2nd March and reopen on 9th March. I am really sorry for any inconvienence caused. Classe next week as normal, Sensei Stuart Thornton in my place.

Saying for this month. When your anger rises, think of the consequences.

See you in class.


February 2020

Hi everyone

Grading's are here again, this time around they will be done in class time week commencing 24th February. Look out for your notification.

The new fitness class is doing so well that I have decided to start another on Thursday's. So from Thursday 13th February, the Kids combat/Kata class will be from 5.30pm followed by the fitness class 6.15pm. Anyone interested please feel free to come and give it a try. The cost is £2.50 per class or £3.50 for both. 

Cobra's classes will run half term week. 

Saying for this month. When your anger rises, think of the consequences.

See you in class.


January 2020

Hi everyone  

Happy New Year.

Right here we go. New year, new resolutions.

On Monday 6th January 6.45 til 7.30ish there will be a new fitness class, the first one is a free taster session, then it will be £2.50. This class is open to all who wish to improve their fitness and/or lose weight (me included). All parents who wish to try, bring a friend, have fun together. 

Black belt grading Sunday 19th January 12.30 at Honley Community Centre. If you are grading please return your slips with Gi size and payment please.

Please could everyone make sure that their membership payments are paid the first week of every month, I'm getting confused with missed and late payments thank you.


See you all in class.


December 2019

Hi everyone

Well Christmas is just weeks away now, the excitement is building. Cobra's will close after class Monday 23rd December, and re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

From Monday January 6th 2020 the 6.30 til 8.00 class will move to 5.00 til 6.30. This is so I can fill a slot with a new fitness class for parents who would like to work on their over indulgence at Christmas (LOL).  The class will consist of circuit training and pad routines, the class will start on Monday 6th January at 6.45 til 7.30. Come and give it a go. YOU WILL ENJOY IT. If the times for the kids class don't suit, just see me for different day and times.

Don't forget Black belt grading 19th January 2020, please get your letters back with gi sizes.

See you all in class


November 2019

Hope you are all enjoying your firework parties and bonfires.

Please don't forget its bring a buddy week. 

Next black belt grading will be in January, you will receive your notification shortly.

Classes are going well and most are working really hard but there is room for improvement in us all.

Belt presentation will take place this week in class.




October 2019

Some quick information. Grading will be on Thursday 24th October at the community centre. The time 5.00pm until 7.00pm, if it's your first grading don't forget your £10 license fee. 

Finally we are starting a new beginner class on Monday 4th November 5.00pm untill 6.30pm. The cost £31 per calender month, who ever signs up for this class will receive a new uniform,(New students only)

Also the same week we are having bring a buddy night. So bring a friend to your class FREE of charge for one night.

See you in class.


September 2019

The Summer holidays are over, all classes now go back to normal times.

I hope you all had a great Summer and caught all the good weather and not to much of the bad.

Cobras are having a massive recruitment drive in September, we would appreciate all the help you can give. All we ask is you recommend us to friends and family.

The only change to classes is the family and fight classes, they will both start at 5.30 on Thursday evenings now.


July 2019

Ok guys, summer time class times until September. 

Monday 5.00 same. 6.30 class same but if you want you can come early and join 5.00 class.
8.00 class you will start at 6.30.

Tuesday's classes stay the same.

Thursday classes start at 5.30 kids 7.00 adults.

Call or message me if you're not sure.

See you in class


April 2019

Hi every one

The Dojo will be getting a makeover shortly, I hope there will be no interference with class's. watch this space for updates.

Cobras will close on Easter Monday. Enjoy your eggs, if you wish to make this class up see Richard for another class time & day.

There will be no Family class this Thursday 4th April, fight class is still on.

There will be no price rise in membership again this year, that's 4 years running. We are the caring club. :-)

All students should wear the correct GI for their grade. Red to Green belt Red GI, Yellow to Brown belt Black GI and Black belt Red and Black GI. I will be taking orders this month.

Lot of you haven't returned your T/Cs. I will be collecting them this month.

Finally we are still recruiting, get your Family and Friends down for a FREE Month.

See you in class.


March 2019

Black belt Grading's complete. Congratulations to those who passed, commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. Better luck next time. We have to remember that some things in life, may not come at first attempt. We have to work harder and try again and sometimes again.

The best complement you can give your club, is to introduce a friend. We are always recruiting.

Don't forget, this Thursday, no Family class its Kata class. Fight class follows. All welcome.

See you in class.




February 2019

Hi everyone

February's newsletter is early, to make sure everyone knows about grading.

Tuesday 5th February 18.00 at the Community Centre. Try to be there 10 mins early.

Black belt grading will take place on Thursday 28th February at the Community Centre 17.30, be there 10 mins early.

This means that on these two nights there will only be adult classes, at normal times. If this affects your class see me to arrange another. Good luck everyone.

Finally I would like to give a massive Cobras welcome to the new students who joined us in January.

See you in class.


December 2018

Hi every one

Let me start by being the first to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.🎄
A change: From December the first Thursday in every month there will be a Kata class at 5.30pm. followed by the fight class. All remaining Thursdays will be Family Class followed by Fight Class.
We have had a few new members over the past couple of month's, but we are always recruiting. So please invite Family and Friends along for a taster session.
Christmas closing dates are. Finish after class Thursday 20th December and return Thursday 3rd January. I will open for 1 night Thursday 27th December for a pad blast session 5.00pm till 6.30pm for junior all grades and 6.30 till 8.00pm for senior and adult students. This will depend on numbers, so if you are interested please book your name with me a.s.a.p.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
See you in class.



November 2018

Hi everyone
Hope you all had a great Halloween, you can look forward to Bonfire night now.
We have had a few new parents join the adult class of late, please feel free to come and give it a go, you never know you might enjoy it.
I have had a couple of parents and students approach me in the past month telling me about bullying problems. If you are having problems in school, DON'T let them fob you off. Ask to see their bulling policy all schools should have one to hand. Read it, find out if they are following it, if they are not WHY? If you are not happy go to the Head, then the Governors. Finally take it to your local MP. When in school its the schools job to keep your children safe.
Finally come on kids bring a buddy to class this November.
See you in class.

October 2018

Hi everyone

Bullying is not acceptable, don't stand for it don't allow it. TELL SOMEONE, HELP SOMEONE.
Thursday - No Family or fight classes, its grading. Starts at 5.00 don't be late. 
Mental health the not so taboo subject now. It just doesn't affect the patient it can have an effect on all their family and friends. If you know someone or are someone affected by mental health problems, don't be afraid or embarrassed to talk to someone. Seek help from your doctor who can refer you to see the right people. ALTHOUGH IT'S REALLY HARD REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
All student's that achieve yellow belt should be in black gi. If you are in a class where sparring takes place, you should have fight gear.
Ok guys good luck with grading.
See you all in class

September 2018

Hi everyone

Summer holidays are over, its time to get back into a routine. Class times will go back to normal from Tuesday 4th September. This means that Family and Fight classes are back on this Thursday 6th September.
I know Holidays are busy and exciting times but could I please remind Parents and Students that payments are due the first week of each month.
Another reminder to Parents and Students. It is your responsibility to cancel your Standing order when you leave Cobras. This payment is an annual fee split into 12 equal payments to cover your membership.
Gradings will take place Thursday 4th October. Starting 5.00pm. If its your first grading don't forget your £10 license fee.
See you all in class

August 2018

Hi everyone
Bullying is not acceptable, don't stand for it don't allow it. TELL SOMEONE.
The Summer holidays are upon us, so that means time changes.
Monday - 5.00 till 6.30 class same. 6.30 and 8.00 classes will join together and start at 6.30. Younger students can use the 5.00 class for now.
Tuesday - Class times remain the same.
Thursday - No Family or fight classes, the 7.00 class will start 6.00 and the adult class will start at 7.30. I hope all that makes sense, please call me if you need any more information.
Cobras will take their Summer break from Monday 6th to Monday 13th August 2018
Anyone wanting to bring a friend along for a free taster session feel free, any parent who fancies giving it a go come along you might be genuinely surprised. Just ask for details.
Hope you all enjoy your Summer Holidays
See you all in class

May 2018

Hi everyone
Let me start by saying a massive well done to all the successful Dan grades, it was a really great effort. Also may I offer my condolences to the not so lucky on this occasion. Better luck next time.
Sorry but there will be no classes this Thursday, the local elections have taken over for the night. Also don't forget we are closed bank holiday Monday. 
I would like to say a big warm welcome to the new student's who have joined Cobras and a sad farewell to those who have left, you are always welcome back. 
See you in class.

March 2018

Hi everyone

Because of the bad weather and safety, Cobras will not run any classes tonight Thursday 1st March. Hopefully we will be back to normal tomorrow.

Gradings went really well in February. Black belt grading will take place on Sunday April 22nd, if you are grading you will get your notifacation in class.

Cobras will be closed Good Friday and Easter monday.

See you in class.


February 2018

Hi everyone
Gradings are on Thursday 8th February. It will start at 5.30 and should finish for 8.00, the lower grades will finish earlier. Ask for time at drop off. The grading is slightly larger than normal so all other Family and children's classes are cancelled that night.
Please feel free to make up your class on another night ask for times and days.
Good luck everyone.
Black belt grading will be in April date to be confirmed.
See you in class.



December 2017

Hi everyone
Christmas is nearly upon us. I hope you are all ready and got your wish list posted. Classes are running smoothly and you are all working really hard but we are still recruiting  more students, so come on guys lets get family and friends involved.
Cobras Xmas break will start after class Friday 22nd December and start again Tuesday 2nd January. I hope you all enjoy your Xmas.
See you in class.

October 2017

Here we go again.
Grading will take place on Thursday 19th October at 5.30pm. Gradings are an examination of progress, like all exams there is a chance of not being successful. Please make your child aware of this. If this is your first grading please remember your £10 license fee.
You will be notified in class.

September 2017

Welcome September.

School holidays coming to an end and yet again gradings looming. Hope everyone has enjoyed their Summer Holidays and are now ready to get back into the swing of things.

Now there was meant to be a class starting on Wednesday for children with learning difficulties, but due to a surprising lack of interest, this has being canceled. In its place we are going to have a class starting Wednesday 13th September at 5.00pm which will consist of all things karate and karate games. Students can not turn up just for the games, the class is there to improve their Kata and pad drills. Depending on the interest it might be a good idea to get your name down.

Gradings will take place Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October. You will be your date A.S.A.P.

Remember guys be kind to each other and look after each other we only get one chance.

See you in class.


July 2017

Gradings done, 100% pass brilliant, well done.
Do you know or do you have anyone in your family with learning difficulties eg autism, learning difficulties or any type of special needs? If so cobras are looking at starting a new class. It will consist of less intricate combinations and Kata's, the class will run for a shorter time.
How many children miss out on sport because they don't fit in, well at cobras they do.
Watch out for more information in the next couple of weeks.
So you want to get fit but you dont want to work towards belt grading, well thats your choice. Wednesday's adult class 6.30pm can give you that option. Why not come along and give it a try, the month of July is free (new members).
Cobra's will take its summer break week commencing Monday 24th July and re-open Monday 31st July.

June/July 2017


Holiday class times – to start 24th July

Monday – 5.00pm till 6.30pm Junior. 6.30pm till 8.00pm all seniors.

Tuesday – Normal

Wednesday – Adult class only 5.30pm till 7.00pm

Thursday – 5.30 till 7.00 All – 7.00 till 8.30 adults.

Friday – 5.00 till 6.30 All.

If your child is now 16 their membership fee is now £35, please amend your standing order. They now have the option to move to the adult class (optional) See me for more information. Times will change back after 6 weeks holiday.




May 2017

Black belt gradings complete. Great effort everyone.

The new beginner classes are doing OK but always room for more students, come and give it a go, bring a friend. In the next couple of weeks I will be giving out the new timetable, so keep it handy.

Cobras are closed 1st May happy holiday

See you in class.

April 2017

Hi everyone 
Well this is a very important month at Cobras. We have black belt grading and two new beginner classes starting on the 12th. If you are going to give them a try please drop me a line, it gives me an idea how many are coming. Don't forget let your family and friends Know. Cobras will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.
These are the only changes to class times for the Easter holidays. Mondays 6.30 and 8.00 classes will merge and start at 6.30. Family class on Thursdays will not run, back to normal  again after holidays.
See you in class.

March 2017

Could I ask for you all to SHARE this with all your friends and family PLEASE. There will be some new beginner classes starting on Wednesday 12th April.
The first class will be for children 5.00pm till 6.30pm. The second will be for adults 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Both classes will be run for two weeks free of charge as taster classes and to see if its what you want. Then they will get up and running proper on Wednesday 3rd March. Any parent who has thought about having a go, come on now is the time. Good for self protection, fitness and confidence building.
More information contact Richard 07798685994


February 2017

February already, classes are going well. There is so much to take on board, so I have pushed gradings back a little. Gradings will take place on Thursday 2nd March, starting at 5.30pm and finishing at 7.00pm. If this is your first grading don't forget your £10 license fee. The student will be informed in class if they are grading.
The new fitness class on Friday is doing well and everyone seems to be enjoying it there is room for more to attend, so come on guys get with the program.
All students must wear club uniform which you get through me. Please don't buy them from elsewhere.

January 2017

Happy new year.
Classes start back tonight 3rd January, lets get a good turnout and get ready for gradings coming in February. Starting Thursday the family class will run from 5.30 till 6.15 followed by the sparring class 6.15 till 7.00, this will be every week.
Classes on Friday, all grades 5.00 till 6.30. Starting Friday 20th January a new adult fitness class will begin. the cost of this class will be £5, it will consist of pad drills and circuits. So before you waste your money on Gym membership grab a friend and come and give it a try it will be hard but lots of fun.
Finally we are still recruiting for all our karate classes so if you know a family member or friend then bring them along to join in the fun and build confidence.

December 2016

Information you all need.  Friday class will now start at 5.00pm all the time for all grades.  When this class finishes a new adult fitness class will start, this will start on Friday 6th January 2017. It will consist of circuits, pad work and general fitness, the cost will be £5. This class is hopefully going to attract parents of students who want to get rid of the Xmas excess.

Thursday night from 2017 family class at 5.30 followed by sparring class at 6.15pm. This will be every week, no more Kata class.

Cobras will take their Christmas break from after class 23rd December and return Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Finally I would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR


November 2016

Gradings are over until next February, when the new format and syllabus start. Onward and upward.

There are going to be some changes to Friday classes next year nothing major. Watch this space.

We are always recruiting new members so come on guys get your Family and Friends to join in the fun.

If you get student of the month, dont forget to have your photo taken.

See you in class.


October 2016

Hi everyone 
Grading’s will take place on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th October.
Please let me know if you are not able to make your own class grading.
From next year 2017 grading’s will take place on Thursday nights over a two or three week period, depending on how many are grading.
Starting on Thursday 6th October 5.30pm till 6.15pm there will be a new Kata class (to help students who struggle with Kata but all are welcome) followed at 6.15pm till 7.00pm by a new sparring class (anyone attending the sparring class must have full fight gear no exceptions)
The Kata class will be every week, the sparring class will alternate with a family class. All classes are part of student membership, but there is a £5 fee for parents attending family class.
Please update your email address.
Student of the month will now have thier photo taken with a certificate, for Cobras Facebook page.
See you in class.

September 2016

Hi everyone 
The summer Holidays are over, classes have been quiet, time to start getting ready for grading's now. Grading will be in October. Class times change back next Monday 12th September.
We are closed on Friday 9th September. You are welcome to attend any other class at any time to make up for holidays or illness (subject to Change)
We are still recruiting, introduce a friend or family member now for a week free!

August 2016

Hi everyone 

The Summer holidays are well on there way now, classes are quiet with so many of you being away.  The weather hasn't been great but it could be worse, so just make the most of it.

Summer holiday class times:

Monday - The 5.00pm and 6.30pm classes will train together and start at 5.00pm. The 8.00pm class will start at 6.30pm.

Tuesday - Stays the same.

Thursday - Family class will start at 5.30pm. The 7.00pm class will start at 6.15pm and the adult class will start at 7.45pm.

Friday - all grades 5.00pm.

These times started on Friday 22nd July

Class times will change back to normal on Monday 12th September.

Cobras are taking their summer break after class on Tuesday 9th August and will start back Tuesday 16th August.

We still need to bring our friends and family to karate, so come on guys invite them along for a month free trial (new students only)

If you have Facebook please like Huddersfield Cobras page.


July 2016

Summer holiday class times

Monday - The 5.00pm and 6.30pm classes will train together and start at 5.00pm. The 8.00pm class will start at 6.30pm.

Tuesday - Stays the same.

Thursday - Family class will start at 5.30pm. The 7.00pm class will start at 6.15pm and the adult class will start at 7.45pm.

Friday - all grades 5.00pm.

These times will start on Friday 22nd July.

Some of you chose to stay on cash payments, could you pay the first week of the month please and could you please pay before you go on holiday.


May 2016

Black belt gradings done, we did not get 100% this time but every one still did great. Now its time for kyu gradings, grading dates are

Tuesday June 21st
Friday  June 24th
Monday June 27th
Thursday June 30th

If you cannot make your own grading see me to arrange another day.

Cobras will be closed on Thursday June 23rd, EU Referendum sorry for inconvenience.


News Update April 2016

Sorry for the late notice. Cobras will close next week (Monday 2nd to Friday 6th inclusive) This is because Bank Holiday Monday and Voting on Thursday. So I will incorporate these into Cobras spring break.

Please don't forget black belt grading slips must be returned by stated date.


April 2016

Hi every one 

Sorry for the late letter, busy busy busy.

The weather is getting better, the nights are getting longer. So there will be plenty of time for you to play out, don't let your classes suffer.

Please stop asking about grading's they will happen when I think you are ready.

Next Kyu grading is in June. Black belt grading will be on Sunday 29th May pencil the date into your diary's.

Please try and introduce a friend or family member to Cobras Karate. The family class is going well, everyone seems to be enjoying it. Why not give it a try. Any parent who wants to try the adult class is more than welcome to come along "I promise you will enjoy it"

Please amend your standing order if you haven't already.


March 2016

Well you will all know by now that the war has arrived, I hope you all enjoyed it. Now to get to play it again we have to see a marked improvement in our Kata's.  

Gradings went really well, now we move on to our next belt, black belt coming soon.

Its been four years since Cobras last increased their prices, so with effect from 1st April 2016 there will be an increase of £1 for all students.  Will you adjust your standing orders  please.


January 2016

Happy New Year, we are back hope you all had a good Christmas.  Well grading will be here again shortly, so time to work hard and concentrate.
The new Family class will start in February, date and time to follow.

December 2015

I am thinking of starting a family class, where parents and children can train together.  It will start early next year (February). If you are interested please see me and put your name down as places will be limited. I will get a letter out with day, time and prices ASAP.
The early classes are still quiet, if you would like a month free V.I.P card (new members only) for a family or friends child please ask me.
All students should be in the appropriate Gi please see to this at your earliest convenience. Talking of uniforms please make sure your child wears theirs and their belt to every class please.
from Adele and Richard

November 2015

Make sure you stay safe if you are having a bonfire.
Gradings went well, next up will be a Dan grading so keep your eyes open for information that will be coming your way.
For the next couple of months Cobras are doing a one month FREE trial (new members only). So get your family and friends down for some fun times at Cobras.
Watch out for Xmas closing dates.

October 2015

Grading time is here again, so lets get to it.  Here are the grading dates.
Grading will be done in class week commencing 12/10/15.
If you have any problems please contact me ASAP.
In half term week, if you have any friends who might like karate you can bring them along to your class for a taster session.
Please remember as martial artists we show and treat everyone with RESPECT.

September 2015

The summer Holidays are over, classes have been quiet, time to start getting ready for grading's now. 

All classes back to normal times from now. We are also closed on Friday 11th September.

We are still recruiting, introduce a friend now for a week free.


August 2015 

Hi everyone 
The Summer holidays are well on there way now, classes are quiet with so many of you been away.  The weather hasn't been great but it could be worse, so just make the most of it.
Class times will change back to normal on Monday 7th September.

July 2015 Summer Class Times

Early start for summer holiday karate classes.
Monday: 5.00 till 5.45 then senior class 5.45 till 7.15 then second senior class 7.15 till 8.45.
Tuesday no change.
Thursday: 5.30 till 7.00 all grades, 7.00 till 8.30 adults.
Friday: 5.00 till 6.30 all grades.
Any problems call me.


July 2015

Hi everyone 
Well the operation went well, recovery time now.
All the gradings went well, 100% pass black belt included, well done everybody.  
I now hope that all you guys that got your Dan grades, will now think right start again and let me get that next step on the ladder.
Cobras are still recruiting, why not introduce a friend, let them join in the fun.
I will hand out a letter in class with Summer holiday class times.

June 2015

Hi everyone
Grading's are here again, starting next Monday 8th June, Thursday 11th June, Tuesday 16th June and Friday 19th June.
Black Belt Grading is on Sunday 28th June 10am start.
You will be told if you are grading, good luck everyone.
Some classes have room for new students, why not bring a friend along to give Cobras a try.

Half Term Opening Times May 2015

Monday - The 5 till 6.30 classes will join and start at 5.00pm.
The 6.30 till 8.00 will start at 5.45 till 7.15.
The 8 till 9.30 class will start at 7.15 till 8.45
Tuesday - all times the same.
Thursday - 5.30 till 7.00 classes will join and start at 5.30.
The 7.00 class will start at 6.15 till 7.45.
The Adult class will start at 7.45 till 9.15
Friday - all grades 5.00 start.
This is for half term week only

May 2015

Hi everyone 
Update on my forthcoming operation, it should happen sometime in the next 16 weeks, sooner rather than later I hope. I have to have both hands done, they will be done at separate times under a local anesthetic, so hopefully there won't be too much disruption to classes.
Cobras are closed Monday May 4th(MayDay) and Thursday May 7th(Polling).

April 2015

Hi everyone 

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays, the weather is great so make the most of it.  Cobras may have to close for a week shortly, due to Richard having to have an operation, We shall keep you informed.
Payments are a annual fee split into 12 equal parts and they are due the first week of each month. Some members are still paying cash or cheque and I'm still having to chase some of you, it makes it easier all round if you go on standing order.
Cobras are always recruiting, introduce a family member or friend.

March 2015

Hi everyone 

Well Grading are done again and again we got a 100% pass, although I had to cancel one grading because Kata's were not up to standard. 

The new little Ninja's class is going well, with two already moving into the Cobra's regular classes.

We are still looking for new recruits, if you know any family or friends you think might like karate then point them in our direction.

All classes in Cobra's are now going to try sparring including beginners, sparring gear can be purchased from me. Children below Orange belt will not be made to spar if they don't want to.

Please look after your sparring kit it cost your parents money.

Early warning: Good Friday and Easter Monday Cobra's are closed.

Happy Easter.


February 2015

Hi everyone 

Its here again, gradings will take place the week of February 23rd to the 27th. Confirmation of this will be given in class, let's make sure we are ready.

The new little ninjas class started well, there's still room for 5 or 6 more. If you know anyone let them know. 

Hope we to see you all in class soon. Students who have missed the last month should contact me and let me know what they are doing about their membership.


January 2015

Hi everyone


The class at Meltham on Friday 2nd January will start at 5 O'clock for all grades. 

Lets make 2015 the best year yet for Cobras, let's work harder towards our next belt. Outside of karate work harder to be nice to each other. 

Cobras are starting a new little ninjas class.  The class will run twice a week, Monday and Thursday it will start on Monday 2nd February  at 5 O'clock and run for 45 minutes, Thursday will be 5.30. The cost will be £4, it will be used as a introduction to karate.


December 2014

Hi everyone 
I cannot believe that it's December already, I hope that you are all ready for Xmas?
 On a serious note I was sad to hear that two of my former students have been accused of bullying, after all the talks about the respect of karate. One of them I can say very young so he just needs guidance and was only a red belt when he quit, the other though is at high school and got her black belt. I hope you read this and understand that no matter what your problems it doesn't give you the right to take it out on others. Even though you don't come to karate anymore I will still listen if you need to talk.
Christmas break dates. After class Tuesday 23rd December 2014 start back Monday 5th January 2015.
Merry Xmas everyone

November 2014 

October gradings went really well. Congratulations to all who passed.

 I am in the process of creating another syllabus, so keep your eyes peeled.



October 2014

October so that means grading's. We are going to do it a little different this time, all Kyu grading's will take place in class time. So on the nights of grading's there will be no spectators, with the way classes are structured this should work, we shall see. 
Grading at

  Shelley -   Wednesday 8th October  
  Honley -   Thursday 16th October
  Meltham - Friday 24th October

If its your first Grading don't forget your £10 license fee.
Parents please be aware that the nights are drawing in now, be more vigilant where your children are concerned, I know some only live a stones throw from the Dojo and walk to and from on their own but lets keep everyone safe, drop off and pick up  STAY SAFE.

Setptember 2014

Hi everyone 
Well the summer holidays are over everyone back to work/school. Now its the same for classes, except Meltham this Friday the 5th September all grades 5.00pm till 7ish because the following week Cobras are taking a long weekend.
they all revert back to normal.
Shelley - Wednesday 5.00pm till 6.30pm.
Meltham - Friday 5.00pm till 6.30pm and 6.30pm till 8.00pm.
Honley - Monday. 5.00pm till 5.45 then 5.45pm till 6.30pm then 6.30pm till 8.00pm then 8.00pm till 9.30pm.
- Thursday - 5.30pm till 6.15pm then 6.15pm till 7.00pm then 7.00pm till 8.30pm then adults.
- Tuesday - 6.00pm till 7.30pm then adults.
If you are not sure of your class please give me a call, and I can be as confused as you.
Could all Parents and Students please make sure I have your contact details, thank you.
Uniform - Cobras have a uniform.  Which is full Gi  or club T- Shirt and Gi bottoms.  Could we all dress in the appropriate uniform please, football shirts, Nike, Puma or Addidas T-Shirts are not uniform. So to confirm, red or black Gi or T-Shirt with Cobras logo. Thank you.

August 2014

Hi everyone,

Well guys I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays, I know I had a great week off.

I am sorry for the little bits of confusion over the summer class times, its the same every year. By the time we get used to it its time to go back to normal.  Times are listed below.

The new classes are going well and you are training really hard, keep it up.


Summer Holiday Opening Times 2014

Monday – Beginner to green belt 5.00pm till 5.45pm. The 1st senior class 5.45pm till 7.15pm and the second 2nd senior class 7.15pm till 8.45pm.
Tuesday – Same times.
Thursday – Beginner to green belt 5.30pm till 6.15pm. yellow to black belt 6.15pm till 7.45pm and the adult class 7.45pm till 9.15pm.
Wednesday – Same times.
Friday – All grades 5.00pm till 6.30pm.
These times will start on Monday 4th August. Times will return to normal on Monday 8th September.

July 2014

Hi everyone

Summer is here I think, hope everyone enjoys the Tour de Yorkshire.  I will give a letter out in classes to cover this email and hopefully get everyone to open their emails.

Each month Cobras send a news letter, at the moment only 48% of you are opening your email.  This was started to give you information you need about classes and any changes that you would need to know about. If you have changed your email address please let me know. If you have changed your phone number let me know. Summer holiday class times will start in August, watch for email.
Cobras are changing some of the class times at Honley. This will only affect a small number.  I have spoken to most of you already. These changes come into effect week commencing   07/07/2014.
All students at yellow belt should now be in black gi.
Summer break: Cobras will close for a week after class Friday 25th July and reopen Monday 4th August.
I hope everyone has a fantastic summer.


Update on Meltham Grading June 2014 

Just to let you know, grading at Meltham will be this Friday 20th June starting at 5.00pm  and not the 27th as first said. The change is due to a mistake by me and I apologies for any inconvenience.  


June 2014

Just a quick message to keep you posted. Grading's have started and so far so good. Black belt grading went great, 100% pass. Next grading is at Shelley on Wednesday 11th June 5 pm start. Honley is on Monday 16th June 5 pm start.
Meltham is on Friday 27 June 5 pm start.


Summer Holiday Dates

Cobras will take it's summer holidays after class on Friday 25th July and return on Monday 4th August 2014.

Grading Update

Just to let you know the dates for grading's.

Honley - Tuesday 3rd June, Senior & Adults will be done in class time.
Honley -  Monday 16th June, Junior & Senior, Junior all grades start at 5.00pm finish 6.15pm. Anyone not grading that night can train, 6.30pm till 7.15pm. Senior's will be done in class time, which for that night only will start at 7.30pm till 9.00pm.

Shelley, Wednesday 11th June 5.00pm start.

Meltham, Friday 27th June, 5.00pm start.

Black belt grading Sunday 8th June . Please return your slips

All students who are grading will be notified.

May 2014

Sorry I'm a bit late this month. Time flies, next month and we will be grading again, both Kyu and Dan grades. Dan grade date has been set Kyu grade dates will follow shortly.

We have been working really hard on our Kata's the past month and it looks to be paying off with most of you, a little more focus and you will all be ready. Could all you guys Dan grading please get your forms back so I can order your new Gi's.

Cobras are still and always recruiting, so please share all cobras information with family and friends with this news letter or on Facebook.  


Easter Opening Times

Please read carefully.

Cobras will be closed at Meltham on Friday 18th April and at Honley on Monday 21st  of April.  

Class times at Honley over the Easter holidays will be:
Mondays 5.00pm till 5.45pm beginner to yellow belt,
                 5.45pm till 6.30pm purple to black belt
                 6.30pm till 8.00pm seniors.
Tuesdays will remain the same.
Thursdays 5.30pm till 6.15pm beginner to yellow belt
                    6.15pm till 7.00pm purple to black belt
                    7.00pm till 8.30pm adult class. 

Wednesdays will remain the same.

At Meltham on Fridays 5.00pm till 6.30pm all grades.

April 2014

Hello everyone, the weather is picking up and the nights are staying lighter. So you might think, I won't train tonight I'll play out, big mistake. You might miss something you need at your next grading, so keep up with your classes. 

Could I please remind Parents/Students that are not on standing order to pay your fees on time please or ask for standing order form. 

Black belt grading date is Sunday June 8th 2014 at Honley Community Center, a letter will be given to students who are grading shortly. Please return by date stated with all information requested. 

Huddersfield Cobras are always looking for new students. So please pass this information to family and friends. 


March 2014

Hello everyone
That's it grading's done for another 4 months, well done to you all excellent effort. We now move towards black belt, be ready it could be your time.
Summer is on its way days are getting a little longer, have we got anyone who wants to get ready for the beach, come and give Cobras a go.

February 2014

Time for grading's hope you are all ready. First one this Wednesday at Shelley  with a 5.00pm start.
Black belt grading date will be out very soon.
Come on guys introduce Cobras to your family and friends, 3 months half price offer is still on (new members only)(Offer has expired December 2014).
Parents why not give cobras a go, get fit, drop a couple of pounds and enjoy yourself.

Grading Dates for February 2014

Please remember if it is your first grading there is a £10 license fee.
Shelley -  Wednesday 6th February. Start at 5.00 pm, finish 6.30 pm.
Honley - Juniors -  Thursday 13th February. Start at 5.30 pm, finish at 7.00 pm.
Honley - Seniors and Adults will grade in class w/c February 10th.
Meltham -  Friday 21st February. Start 5.00 pm, finish at 6.30 pm.
Students who are grading will be informed in class. Please remember this is an exam so there is a chance of failing.


Hi everyone
Hope you all had a good Xmas and have a fantastic New Year.  Well with the holidays over its time to start thinking about grading's again, dates will be out A.S.A.P, INCLUDING BLACK BELT.  Don't start panicking, remember its improvement not perfection that we look for. Good luck.
Please don't forget the biggest compliment you can pay your club is to introduce a new member.
Richard & Adele


Well here we are December and the Christmas holidays fast approaching. Not very much to tell you, just holiday information and student of the month.  Lets start with the holiday information. Cobras will close after class Monday 23rd December and start back Thursday 2nd January.

Let us now wish you all a very merry xmas and a prosperous new year.

Adele & Richard


I hope this finds everyone in good health. You all know Cobras are always recruiting. How about giving someone you know a 3 months half price membership, so instead of £30 per month it will be £15 per month. You could put it in a Birthday or Christmas card or just give it to a friend or family member. (This offer is for new members and can be cancelled at anytime).


October Half-Term Opening Times

Week Commencing Monday 28th October the classes  will be at;
Honley Monday 28th
Beginner to green belt  - 5.00pm to 5.45pm
Yellow to black belt -  5.45pm to 6.30pm
Senior class will be - 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday 29th classes will remain at the same times.
Thursday 31st
Beginner to green - 5.30 to 6.15pm
Yellow to black belt - 6.15pm to 7.00pm
Adult class  -  7.00pm to 8.30pm.
Shelley on Wednesday is closed.
Meltham Friday all grades 5.00pm to 6.30pm.
This is for one week only.
Please, please, please check your emails. If you haven’t given me your email or mobile number then please do.

October 2013

Grading time is here again.  You all need to try your best and work really hard and show me how much you want your belt.  The only problem area I see this grading are some of your Kata's, all other area's seem ok. 

The new senior class has taken off brilliantly, everyone seems to be enjoying the harder sessions and the more adult theme to the class. 

Now that students have moved classes there is room for new student's especially in the beginner classes, so again I ask you to introduce a friend or family member to Cobras. 


Grading dates and times:

Shelley Wednesday 2nd October 5.00 pm  
Honley Monday 7th October 5.00pm  
Meltham Friday 11th October 5.00pm  
Adult and Senior students grade in class.  




September 2013

Hi everyone
Well thats the end of the summer holidays, forward to christmas - 113 days to go.  The popularity of the senior class means there is no room in the Monday night session so a new class is being opened on Tuesday 10th September, the time 6.00pm till 7.30pm.  Students will be contacted and offered a place in this class, you do not have to accept if you are happy where you are.  This class is the next step in your martial arts progress, the training becomes a little harder and you move away from the younger students although cute they can get under the feet sometimes.  If you are not contacted but think you should be then come and have a word, I may have missed you.
Cobras will take their autumn break (long weekend) after class Thursday 12th September start back Tuesday 17th September.
Finally still waiting for you guys to introduce new students. 

Opening Times - 2013

From Monday 26th August 2013 all classes back to normal times.

October grading dates are:

Shelley Wednesday 2nd October,
Honley Monday 7th October
Meltham Friday 11th October.

There will be times and more information to follow.

August 2013

I hope you are all having a nice summer break. Classes are quiet at the moment with lots away on holiday, why don't you take this chance to introduce a friend to cobras. Bring someone to your class for a taster session. Two weeks free to all new students.

Someone once told me (teacher) I wouldn't amount to much. Well I did not listen to him, I might not be a brain surgeon but I have a nice little business and I like to think I have a positive effect on peoples lives. All I am saying is you can achieve anything you want in life, if you get rid of and ignore negative people and comments. Keep your Family and Friends (positive ones) close and the negative ones well you don't need negativity in your life.


Summer Opening Times
From Thursday 25th July 2013

Class times at Cobras through the summer holidays will be.
Shelley    - Wednesday no change.
Meltham - Friday all grades 5.00pm till 6.30pm.
Honley     - Monday - beginner to yellow belt 5.00pm till 5.45pm, purple to black 5.45pm till 6.30pm and seniors 6.30pm till 8.00pm.
Honley    - Tuesday, Adults 7.00pm till 9.00pm.
Honley    - Thursday, beginner to yellow belt 5.30pm till 6.15pm, purple to black 6.15pm till 7.00pm and Adults 7.00pm till 8.30pm.

July 2013

Well it looks like summer is here at last, lets make the most of it, we all know it might not last. Just back from my late spring break, feeling good. Must try it again sometime. 
Only a few black belts put their name down for the assistant instuctor badge, you can still put it in now if you want, will look good in your CV later. All gradings done for now and you all did well, lets work hard towards the next one now. Don't forget if you got your yellow belt you need your new gi. There are still a few students who have not got all their fight gear, its a must if you want to spar. 
Summer holidays coming up have a lovely time if you are going off and when you come back introduce a friend to<

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