Huddersfield Cobras Freestyle Karate

Our grading syllabus

Sparring will take place on Grading's from Green Belt. For the safety of students you must have all necessary fight gear. Student and parent please note what is needed for each Grading. White belt for students 6 years and below.

Red Belt Front Punch
Reverse Punch
Front Kick
Plus Combinations
First Part Of The Cobra Creed
Blue Belt Fighting Stance
Back Fist Strike
Slide Side Kick
Reverse Punch
Plus Combinations
First And Second Part Of The Cobra Creed
Orange Belt Step Front Punch
Ridge Hand
Slide Front Kick
Ridge Hand
Plus Combinations
The Cobra Creed
Kata 3
Green Belt Slide Roundhouse Kick
Back Fist Strike
Slide Sidekick
Reverse Punch
Plus Combinations
Pinan Nidan

Yellow Belt

Before you can go for your Yellow Belt, you must be able to tie your belt by yourself

Slide Roundhouse Kick
Back Fist Strike.
Side Kick Back Leg Pull Back
Slide Roundhouse Kick
Slide Hook Kick.
Plus Combinations
Pinan Shodan
Purple Belt Slide Roundhouse Kick
Reverse Punch
Roundhouse Kick Back Leg Pull Back
Reverse Punch
Plus Combinations.
Correct Technique (E. G Foot Position For Kicks)
Pinan Sandan
Brown Belt Slide Axe Kick
Back Fist Strike.
Reverse Inward Elbow Strike.
Hook Kick Back Leg Step Back
Spinning Hook Kick
Plus Combinations
Pinan Yodan
Black Belt - 1st Dan Slide Hook Kick
Back Fist Strike
Reverse Punch
Axe Kick Back Leg Step Back
Spinning Hook Kick
Spinning Back Kick
Plus Combinations
Pinan Godan
All Blocks
Black Belt - 2nd Dan Any Or All Of Syllabus
Pad Work
Black Belt - 3rd Dan Any Or All Of Syllabus
Shield Work
All Blocks With Take Downs


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How do I tie my karate belt?

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