The Cobra Creed and The Principles of Cobras Karate

At Cobras, we not only teach the techniques of freestyle karate but also the discipline and respect associated with it. We teach the children the Cobra Creed and The Principles of Cobras Karate. These are printed in the license and can also be downloaded here - stick it up on your wall and live by them!

Cobras Creed

I will do everything to the best of my ability

I will avoid all things that will destroy my physical and mental health

I will treat everyone that I meet with respect

The Principles of Cobras Karate

The bearer will never use his/her karate to bully or threaten in any way.

He/she will never use their karate unless it is to defend themselves, their family or friends.

Wherever you are you belong to the Huddersfield Cobras, remember this and act accordingly.


Cobra Creed and Principle of Conras Karate Poster Download your Cobras Creed and Principles Poster

Print it off and stick it on your wall
Live by them!

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